This project is meant for people with great skills to showcase them and earn reward while doing so :)
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Knacksteem v.1.0

What is knackSteem?

Knacksteem is an open source platform on the Steem blockchain that seeks to reward talents on a much broader scale, which eradicates partiality, and infuses transparency, on the blockchain.

The project aimed to reward great and passionate article writers, hard-working individuals willing to promote their culture and interesting, original skills. It aims to remove the need for mediators and encourage cultural activities and sharing your passion with a wide audience, getting rewarded in the process. Check out the project landing page for more info here


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. For more information, click here

Development Process

The "develop" branch is meant for the stable version of this project. Please see contribution guideline for more indept information about the contribution process.

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App and React App Rewined For any Steemconnect interactions we use sc2-sdk

How to Use

For now you just have to:

yarn install
yarn start

Make sure the Backend Server/API is running:

Dev server recompiling

If running the development server (yarn start) in a virtual machine or container environment (e.g. Docker), the changes made to the filesystem might not get picked up. If so, you can still use live-reloading by changing the configuration of the development server. Modify config-overrides.js to uncomment the line setting the poll property and the development server should then pick up your changes as you modify the files.