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Open source specification and implementation of Knative event binding and delivery
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n3wscott and knative-prow-robot Adding broker/trigger to the spec. (#943)
* Adding broker/trigger to the spec.

* Update based on feedback.

* Trigger.BrokerExists is now Broker Exists and ready.

* First pass define broker/trigger.

* lint.

* adding overview image.

* use svg.:

* Updated after Evan's comments.

* Adding a description of Broker/Trigger overview.
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config User can specify webhook deployment name (#942) Mar 21, 2019
docs Adding broker/trigger to the spec. (#943) Mar 22, 2019
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Knative Eventing

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This repository contains a work-in-progress eventing system that is designed to address a common need for cloud native development:

  1. Services are loosely coupled during development and deployed independently
  2. A producer can generate events before a consumer is listening, and a consumer can express an interest in an event or class of events that is not yet being produced.
  3. Services can be connected to create new applications
    • without modifying producer or consumer, and
    • with the ability to select a specific subset of events from a particular producer.

For complete Knative Eventing documentation, see Knative eventing or Knative docs to learn about Knative.

If you are interested in contributing, see, and Knative

Please join knative-users to view planned project releases in roadmap.

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