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Mar 12, 2018

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This repository contains a work-in-progress eventing system that is designed to address a common need for cloud native development:

  1. Services are loosely coupled during development and deployed independently
  2. A producer can generate events before a consumer is listening, and a consumer can express an interest in an event or class of events that is not yet being produced.
  3. Services can be connected to create new applications
    • without modifying producer or consumer, and
    • with the ability to select a specific subset of events from a particular producer.

The high level mission of Knative Eventing is: Enable asynchronous application development through event delivery from anywhere.

For the full mission of Knative Eventing see docs/

For complete Knative Eventing documentation, see Knative eventing or Knative docs to learn about Knative.

If you are interested in contributing, see, and Knative working groups.

Interested users should join knative-users.