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Apache Kafka - Source

The Apache Kafka Event source enables Knative Eventing integration with Apache Kafka. When a message is produced to Apache Kafka, the Apache Kafka Event Source will consume the produced message and post that message to the corresponding event sink.

Deployment steps

  1. Setup Knative Eventing

  2. If not done already, install an Apache Kafka cluster!

    • For Kubernetes a simple installation is done using the Strimzi Kafka Operator. Its installation guides provide content for Kubernetes and Openshift.

    Note: The KafkaSource is not limited to Apache Kafka installations on Kubernetes. It is also possible to use an off-cluster Apache Kafka installation.

  3. Now that Apache Kafka is installed, apply the KafkaSource config:

    ko apply -f config/
  4. Create the KafkaSource custom objects, by configuring the required consumerGroup, bootstrapServers and topics values on the CR file of your source. Below is an example:

    kind: KafkaSource
      name: kafka-source
      consumerGroup: knative-group
      # Broker URL. Replace this with the URLs for your kafka cluster,
      # which is in the format of
      bootstrapServers: REPLACE_WITH_CLUSTER_URL
      topics: knative-demo-topic
          kind: Service
          name: event-display


A more detailed example of the KafkaSource can be found in the Knative documentation.

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