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@evankanderson evankanderson released this Feb 20, 2019 · 1 commit to release-0.4 since this release

Artifact Description
eventing.yaml Just the core knative/eventing components without Sources or ChannelProvisioners
gcp-pubsub.yaml Just the GCP PubSub ChannelProvisioner
in-memory-channel.yaml Just the in-memory ChannelProvisioner
kafka.yaml Just the Kafka ChannelProvisioner
natss.yaml Just the NATS Streaming ChannelProvisioner
release.yaml Core components bundled with the in-memory ChannelProvisioner


  • Created a new in-memory Channel which buffers events and decouples
    sender and receiver. The previous in-memory-channel implementation
    was blocking and senders would block until the event had been
    delivered to the destination. (Thanks to @sbezverk)
  • Add NATS ClusterChannelProvisioner. (Thanks to @radufa)
  • Separated several ClusterChannelProvisioners from the core. (Thanks to @matzew)
  • Add a Knative-message-history attribute recording the channels
    traversed by the event
  • Several eventing resources (ClusterChannelProvisioner, Subscription,
    in-memory, GCP PubSub channels) now emit corev1.Events to improve
    debugging (#746).
  • Cleanup of Conditions to hide Severity=Error when conditions are
  • Improved cleanup of subscription and reply.
  • Fixes to ensure Istio injection in the knative-eventing namespace.

Eventing Sources

  • Updated CloudEvents library to better handle both v0.1 and v0.2.
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