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Apache Kafka Channels

Deployment steps:

  1. Setup Knative Eventing

  2. If not done already, install an Apache Kafka cluster. There are two choices:

  3. Now that Apache Kafka is installed, you need to configure the bootstrap_servers value in the kafka-channel-controller-config ConfigMap, located inside the config/provisioners/kafka/kafka-channel.yaml file: ... apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: kafka-channel-controller-config namespace: knative-eventing data: # Broker URL's for the provisioner bootstrap_servers: kafkabroker.kafka:9092 ... > Note: The bootstrap_servers needs to contain the address of at least one broker of your Apache Kafka cluster. If you are using Strimzi, you need to update the bootstrap_servers value to my-cluster-kafka-bootstrap.mynamespace:9092.

  4. Apply the 'Kafka' ClusterChannelProvisioner, Controller, and Dispatcher:

    ko apply -f config/provisioners/kafka/kafka.yaml
  5. Create Channels that reference the 'kafka' ClusterChannelProvisioner.

    kind: Channel
      name: my-kafka-channel
        kind: ClusterChannelProvisioner
        name: kafka


The major components are:

  • ClusterChannelProvisioner Controller
  • Channel Controller
  • Channel Controller Config Map.
  • Channel Dispatcher
  • Channel Dispatcher Config Map.

The ClusterChannelProvisioner Controller and the Channel Controller are colocated in one Pod:

kubectl get deployment -n knative-eventing kafka-channel-controller

The Channel Controller Config Map is used to configure the bootstrap_servers of your Apache Kafka installation:

kubectl get configmap -n knative-eventing kafka-channel-dispatcher-config-map

The Channel Dispatcher receives and distributes all events:

kubectl get statefulset -n knative-eventing kafka-channel-dispatcher

The Channel Dispatcher Config Map is used to send information about Channels and Subscriptions from the Channel Controller to the Channel Dispatcher:

kubectl get configmap -n knative-eventing kafka-channel-dispatcher-config-map