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pompom(1) -- a comand line pomodoro timer
`pompom` [-m <message>] [-l <path>] [-t <seconds>]
**Pompom** runs a terminal-based pomodoro timer, and can log the work
you do in each pomodoro.
* `-m`, `--message`:
The message you want logged for the work you are doing. If
no message is given, then nothing will be logged
* `-l`, `--log`:
The log location. By default this will be stored in your
home directory at ~/.pompom/worklog
* `-t`, `--time`
The time in seconds the timer should run for. By default
1500, (25 minutes).
Pompom will play a sound at the end of a pomodoro if you have the play
utility installed (provided by the sox package, at least on Ubuntu),
and a file named ~/.pompom/sound.wav
Pompom is Copyright (C) 2012 Roland Swingler <>