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Fully vendored Emacs configuration
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Fully vendored Emacs configuration

There are a few key ideas behind this emacs configuration:

  • Keep all configuration in one init.el file.
  • Require minimum effort to understand.
  • Use only plain setq where possible, and minimum wrapper functions.
  • Don't depend on any external servers and repositories upon installation (ELPA, MELPA, etc).
  • Freeze all third-party modules, and don't update unless new features are needed.
  • Everything that is required contained in this repo.
  • Startup times under a second.
  • Be easily copy-pastable.

I used configuration bundles before, but I don't like when my editor breaks on updates, or subtly changes behavior. In fact, I want the exact opposite: maximum stability and predictability.

All third-party modules are "vendored" (committed) into the third-party/ directory. I don't use package.el or use-package, and only rely on the autoload feature. So there are almost no require calls in init.el, and modules are loaded implicitly on the first call to any of their public functions.

I hope that the code in init.el is trivial and easily understandable. So feel free to dive right in.


git clone ~/.emacs.d

# (optional) byte-compile to speed up startup
cd ~/.emacs.d

Then start Emacs as usual.


You are very welcome to leave comments or reach out to me. But I won't merge any PRs or accept feature requests, because this configuration is highly personal and is not intended for reuse as-is. Instead, fork it and make it your own.

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