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This is a simple set of files that I usually start off with whenever starting a new HTML based project. It's mostly here to save for my common Javascript components that I may or may not use in a given project. Everything here is built with MooTools (1.2).

Javascript Breakdown

I like to split my Javascripts up into multiple directories to simplify development. My scripts.js handles the loading of these and assumes you keep a similar directory structure.

  • /lib/ - For self-sustaining javascript libraries (no library requirement).
  • /plugins/ - For generic libraries/plugins/functionality that depend on other libraries.
  • /modules/ - Useful for widget-specific functionality encapsulation. May depend on libraries and plugins.
  • /specs/ - Contains all Javascript Specs (you're testing your Javascript, right?)
  • /application.js - This should hold all triggers for javascript execution (the things that activate a given module/plugin/library).


Created by Kyle Neath.

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