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Talks & Presentations

Talks & Presentations

Every now and then I get up on stage and embarass myself trying to share a little bit of my ignorance at conferences. Like my style? I think conferences are awesome and would love to hear about any speaking opportunities you might have — just throw an email to

D.R.E.A.M - How the Wu-Tang taught me to design

No slides from this one — a brief history of how I got into design by way of poisonous monsters, why I think it's important to align revenue with customer happiness, why cash rules everything around design, and how to become a better designer because of it.

Given at Funconf II - 2011 at Lismore Castle, Ireland.

Responsive web design from the future

pushState. replaceState. Hashbangs. AJAX. PJAX. Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica.

Responsive web design is about a lot more than the size of your screen. This talk is about about how GitHub handles links, the url bar, partial page updates, and explains why I think the HTML5 history API is the most important thing to happen to front end development since Firebug.

Slides & notes from this presentation given at Twitter HQ May 31, 2011 in San Francisco, CA.

Design hacks for the pragmatic minded

A lot of developers think they either can't or don't need to design. But that's just a myth — everyone can benefit from a few simple design concepts. Learn some simple design hacks you can apply to your documentation, presentations and products to make them just a little bit prettier.

Slides & notes from this presentation given at Ruby on Ales 2011 in Bend, OR.

Documentation is freaking awesome

I have a confession: I love documentation — and I don't just mean code comments. I mean documentation of every form. I want to introduce you to the breadth of documentation styles and forms. I want to show you how to produce beautiful generated documentation. I want to explain what makes an awesome README. How to build an amazing marketing website for your library. I want to gush about why I think writing TomDoc is going to make you write better code.

Ruby is such an expressive language that your code can end up looking like anything you can imagine. Documentation is paramount in helping others understand why and how they should be using your code.

Slides & notes from this presentation given at MagicRuby 2011 in Orlando, FL.

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