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Knyle Style Sheets

This is a ruby library for parsing KSS documented stylesheets and generating styleguides.

Inspired by TomDoc, KSS attempts to provide a methodology for writing maintainable, documented CSS within a team. Specifically, KSS is a CSS structure, documentation specification, and styleguide format. It is not a preprocessor, CSS framework, naming convention, or specificity guideline.


If you would like to learn more about the methodology and ideas behind Knyle Style Sheets, you should read It contains the documenting syntax and styleguide guidelines.

Ruby Library

This repository includes a ruby library suitable for parsing SASS, SCSS, and CSS documented with KSS guidelines.

The library is also fully TomDoc'd, completing the circle of life.


To hack on KSS, you'll need to install dependencies with bundle install. Run tests with rake.

To make your life easier, I suggest bundle install --binstubs and adding bin/ to your $PATH. If you don't understand this, just blindly add bundle exec in front of everything you'd normally do, like bundle exec rake.

I apologize on behalf of the Ruby community for this, it's embarrassing and disappointing that dependency management is still so clumsy.

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