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lautis commented Jun 18, 2012

Changed Section#filename to return relative path to base directory. This makes sense when you have CSS files in nested directories and some may even have the same "base name". Also, it's a lot easier to link to GitHub repo in the generated docs if you know the full relative path.


I think this is a great idea. It's very common to have some directory conventions for CSS, and showing the path surfaces this information (e.g. you know looking at a module when you see module/button.scss)


So essentially, you're saying that this will show the full relative path for every file?
I can understand situations when you'd want this, but I'm not certain that this is something that everyone would want.

Also, you've changed the filename method to return a full path, which is a bit misleading, don't you think?

lautis commented Jun 19, 2013

Yes, this would show the relative path from the root documentation path. If you're not using directory structures for your CSS, this wouldn't change anything assuming CSS root path is properly configured.

Section#filename wouldn't return a full absolute path, but the relative path from documentation root. For me, that seems intuitive since path is part of file name. But there could also be separate methods to retrieve path and base name.


I think you've won me over.
Do you want to rebase from master and ensure that the test suite is running?



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Closing due to a lack of activity.

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