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<title>- Welcome to NightFire -</title>
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Welcome to Nightfire! This is an in-developement interactive multiplayer game. We are currently working hard to set the primary game engine on foot. Feel free to register an acount and look around!<p>
<p class="small" style="font-weight:normal;">Just switched over to SQL databases, will be working on the game more now.
<div align=right class="small_orange" style="padding:10px;">Brak [11.7.2001]</div></p>
<p class="small" style="font-weight:normal;">Alright, NightFire is back and kicking! I've made many changes lately although I've been busy with my new computer :) Now I have Win2k on it, so as soon as I find a way to connect this thing to the internet, Nightfire will have it's own server :) <br>Features Added:<br>-Several Cover Ops<br>-Land types issue dealt with<br>-Research re-done<br>-Ostarians, Volrons<br>-System name, types
<div align=right class="small_orange" style="padding:10px;">Duke Brak [7.31.2001]</div></p>
<p class="small" style="font-weight:normal;">Yay! I'm back! I've already "spiffy-i-fied" up some of the grphical interface CSS. More to come!
<div align=right class="small_orange" style="padding:10px;">~Q [3.27.2001]</div></p>
<p class="small_orange" style="font-weight:normal;"><i>A note: You must use a browser that supports CSS2, Javascript and have Cookies enabled in order to play Nightfire.</i><br>
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