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<%@ Language=VBScript %>
<% Option Explicit %>
<!--#Include File = "include.asp"-->
Response.Buffer = TRUE
Function MIN(x, y, z, r)
If x<y AND x<z AND x<r Then
MIN = x
ElseIf y<x AND y<z AND y<r Then
MIN = y
ElseIf z<x AND z<y AND z<r Then
MIN = z
ElseIf r<x AND r<y AND r<z Then
MIN = r
ElseIf x=y OR x=z OR x=r Then
MIN = x
ElseIf y=z OR y=r Then
MIN = y
ElseIf z=r Then
MIN = z
End If
End Function
Dim UserName
UserName = Request.Cookies("NightFire")("UserName")
Set RST = Conn.Execute("SELECT UserName, ReasearchCenters FROM DONEBUILDINGS WHERE UserName ='"&UserName&"'")
Dim ResCen, TLand, ACapital, AElementX
ResCen = RST("ReasearchCenters")
Set RST = Conn.Execute("SELECT UserName, Land, Capital, ElementX FROM GENERALSTATS WHERE UserName = '"&UserName&"'")
TLand = RST("Land")
ACapital = RST("Capital")
AElementX = RST("ElementX")
Set RST = Nothing
Dim CreditCost
CreditCost = Int(1.465*TLand - 1.465*TLand*(ResCen*2/TLand))
'UserName TEXT(20),
'Energy INTEGER,
'Military INTEGER,
'Atomic INTEGER,
'Attack INTEGER,
'Stealth INTEGER,
'EnergyPts INTEGER,
'MilitaryPts INTEGER,
'StockPts INTEGER,
'AtomicPts INTEGER,
'AttackPts INTEGER,
'StealthPts INTEGER
'UserName TEXT(20),
'Energy INTEGER,
'Military INTEGER,
'Atomic INTEGER,
'Attack INTEGER,
'Stealth INTEGER,
Dim RS, EnergyL, MilitaryL, StockL, AtomicL, EnergyP, MilitaryP, StockP, AtomicP, EnergyPR, MilitaryPR, StockPR, AtomicPR
Set RS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RS.Open "SELECT * FROM RESEARCH WHERE UserName = '"&UserName&"'", Conn
EnergyL = RS("Energy")
MilitaryL = RS("Military")
StockL = RS("Stock")
AtomicL = RS("Atomic")
EnergyP = RS("EnergyPts")
MilitaryP = RS("MilitaryPts")
StockP = RS("StockPts")
AtomicP = RS("AtomicPts")
EnergyPR = 0
MilitaryPR = 0
StockPR = 0
AtomicPR = 0
RS.Open "SELECT * FROM RESEARCHING WHERE UserName = '"&UserName&"'", Conn
Do While Not RS.EOF
EnergyPR = EnergyPR + RS("Energy")
MilitaryPR = MilitaryPR + RS("Military")
StockPR = StockPR + RS("Stock")
AtomicPR = AtomicPR + RS("Atomic")
End If
Dim Research, CostE, CostM, CostS, CostA, CostAT, CostST, Message
Dim NLvlE, NLvlM, NLvlS, NLvlA, LvlE, LvlM, LvlS, LvlA
Select Case EnergyL
Case 0
CostE = 500
LvlE = "Currently our nation is able to collect energy through Solar Panels and Atomic Plants.<br>Both Energy Plants are running at 100% efficiency"
NLvlE = "Our scientists believe if they are given 500 credits, they will be able to boost energy plant output by 10%"
Case 1
CostE = 1000
LvlE = "Currently our nation is able to collect energy through Solar Panels and Atomic Plants.<br>Energy Production is running at 110%"
NLvlE = "Our scientists believe if they are given 1000, they will be able to boost energy output by an additional 10%"
Case 2
CostE = 1500
lvlE = "Our power production is done through Solar Panels and Atomic plants at the moment. Our energy production is running at 120% through researching"
NLvlE = "Our scientists are very close to discovering the secret of antimatter energy production. If an additional 1500 credits were put into researching, we will have antimatter production within our grasps!"
Case 3
lvlE = "Our nation is able to collect energy through Solar Panels, Atomic plants, and Antimatter plants.<br>Through vigorous researching, our power plants are running at 120%"
NLvlE = "Our scientists have no further researching that can be attained."
End Select
Select Case MilitaryL
Case 0
CostM = 550
LvlM = "Currently our military strategists use strategies that are equal to the defenses of standard armies."
NLvlM = "Military intellegence believes that if they are allowed 550 credits, they will be able to increase offensive military strategies by 10%"
Case 1
CostM = 1700
LvlM = "Our military strategists are using strategies that are able to boost our offensive forces strength by 10% right now."
NLvlM = "Military intellegence officers are certain that if they are given 1700 credits, they will be able to increase our defensive powers by an additional 10%"
Case 2
LvlM = "Our military strategists are using strategies that boost our offense and defense by 10%"
NLvlM = "Our military strategists are unable to further the development of strategies."
End Select
Select Case StockL
Case 0
CostS = 600
LvlS = "Our GDP is steadily rising and the stock market is generaly increasing, although, no sharp upward trend is expected."
NLvlS = "Our economists believe with the proper funding of 600 credits, they will be able to increase the rise of GDP. The stock market will flourish and civillians will make approxomately 10% more than current situations."
Case 1
LvlS = "Our civilians are making 10% more than similar nation's civilians. The GDP is rising faster than expected and many new companies are flourishing in the stock market."
NLvlS = "Our economists are not able to aid the economy at the moment."
End Select
Select Case AtomicL
Case 0
CostA = 800
LvlA = "Our physicists are experimenting with the power of splitting the atom. No breakthroughs have occured yet however."
NLvlA = "Our physicists believe with 800 credits they will be able to split the atom. However, there is a chance that you will loose research centers in the process"
Case 1
CostA = 2000
LvlA = "Advancing the uses of atomic energy for ways of good is no longer an option. The atomic bomb has been born and your nation has forever changed, you now have access to atomic bombs."
NLvlA = "Our physicists believe they can extend the blast radius of the Atomic bomb by developing Hydrogen bombs. This will take 2000 credits. This will most definately result in the destruction of some cities."
Case 2
CostA = 5000
LvlA = "With the advent of the Hydrogen bomb, our military officers are greedily awaiting as many of these weapons as they can get. "
NLvlA = "Nuclear fission is on the brink of discovery. However, our physicists will require 5000 credits. It is predicted that we will loose 100 research centers in the process."
Case 3
LvlA = "Nuculer fission bombs are now in position. There is no limit to the destructiveness of our nation."
NLvlA = "No more research can be done without considerable damage of the nation."
End Select
Research = Request.Form("Research")
If Research <> "" Then
Set RST = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
RST.Open "SELECT Land, Capital, UserName, ElementX, Energy FROM GENERALSTATS WHERE UserName = '"&Username&"'", Conn, adOpenStatic, adLockPessimistic
Dim Cost, CostC, CostX, REnergy, RMilitary, RStock, RAtomic, RTotal
REnergy = Request.Form("Energy")
RMilitary = Request.Form("Military")
RStock = Request.Form("Stock")
RAtomic = Request.Form("Atomic")
RTotal = REnergy + 0 + RMilitary + 0 + RStock + 0 + RAtomic + 0
CostC = CreditCost*RTotal
CostX = Int(CreditCost/10)*RTotal
If CostC > RST("Capital") OR CostX > RST("ElementX") Then
Message = "<p class = 'normal'>You don't have enough resources to invest that many credits</p>"
Dim RST2
Set RST2 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
Message = "<p class = 'normal'>Thank you for contributing to the furtherment of science and technology in your nation. "&RTotal&" Credits have been invested in your Researching Centers, they should arrive in "&Int(5 - 5*ResCen*2/TLand*5)&" hours </p>"
RST2.Open "RESEARCHING", Conn, adOpenStatic, adLockPessimistic
RST2("UserName") = UserName
RST2("TimeR") = DateAdd("h", 5 - Int(10*ResCen/TLand), Now())
RST2("Energy") = REnergy
RST2("Military") = RMilitary
RST2("Stock") = RStock
RST2("Atomic") = RAtomic
RST2("Stealth") = 0
RST2("Attack") = 0
RST("Capital") = RST("Capital") - CostC
RST("ElementX") = RST("ElementX") - CostX
End If
End If
<script language="javascript">
if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") {
document.write('<link rel=stylesheet href="gameNS.css" type="text/css">');
} else {
document.write('<link rel=stylesheet href="game.css" type="text/css">');
<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#ffffff" linkr="#ffffff" vlink="#ffffff" alink="ffcc33" >
<SCRIPT SRC="fieldcheck.js"></SCRIPT>
<!--#Include File = "ad.asp"-->
<!--#Include File = "statbar.asp"-->
<p class = "large">Researching Facilities<br>
<span class = "small">You currently have <%=ResCen%> research centers operational, 1 credit will cost you <%=CreditCost%>c, <%=Int(CreditCost/10)%>t, and will take <%= 5 - Int(10*ResCen/TLand)%> hours to commence researching. You can afford a maximum of <%=MIN(Int(ACapital/CreditCost), Int(AElementX/(CreditCost/10)), 999999999, 999999999)%> credits.</span></p>
<form action = "research.asp" method = "post">
<table width="100%">
<tr bgcolor = "#0000CC">
<td align = "center">Research Project</td>
<td align = "center">Current Level</td>
<td align = "center">Next Level</td>
<td align = "center">Credits</td>
<td align = "center">Research</td>
<tr bgcolor = "#000066">
<td>Energy Production - <%=LvlE%></td>
<td><%=EnergyP%> <span class = "small">(<%=EnergyPR%>)</span></td>
<td><input type="text" size=6 value="0" name="Energy" class="numbar" ONFOCUS ="LightUp(this);" ONCHANGE="checkField(this.value, this);" ONBLUR="LightOut(this);"></td>
<tr bgcolor = "#000033">
<td>Military Strategy - <%=LvlM%></td>
<td><%=MilitaryP%> <span class = "small">(<%=MilitaryPR%>)</span></td>
<td><input type="text" size=6 value="0" name="Military" class="numbar" ONFOCUS ="LightUp(this);" ONCHANGE="checkField(this.value, this);" ONBLUR="LightOut(this);"></td>
<tr bgcolor = "#000066">
<td>Stock Market Development - <%=LvlS%></td>
<td><%=StockP%> <span class = "small">(<%=StockPR%>)</span></td>
<td><input type="text" size=6 value="0" name="Stock" class="numbar" ONFOCUS ="LightUp(this);" ONCHANGE="checkField(this.value, this);" ONBLUR="LightOut(this);"></td>
<tr bgcolor = "#000033">
<td>Atomic Researching - <%=LvlA%></td>
<td><%=AtomicP%> <span class = "small">(<%=AtomicPR%>)</span></td>
<td><input type="text" size=6 value="0" name="Atomic" class="numbar" ONFOCUS ="LightUp(this);" ONCHANGE="checkField(this.value, this);" ONBLUR="LightOut(this);"></td>
<input type=hidden value = "BooYeah" name = "Research">
<input type=SUBMIT value="Invest Credits" class = "button" onMouseOver="ButtonLight(this);" onMouseOut="ButtonDark(this);">
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