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+# Attacks
+Attacking in NightFire usually requires transports because you are attacking on other planets. Some units in NightFire are capable of space flight, and therefore do not need a transport.
+**Transports can hold 200 [slots](slots.html) worth of units.** If a transport is not used up all of the way the entire transport leaves. For example, if you send 203 slots worth of units, 2 transports will leave, not just one.
+Offense and defense are calculated the most basic and fair way. First, your total raw offense/defense points are calculated. Then, all bonuses are added together, and multiplied by your raw offense/defense. **If the offense is greater than the defense, the attacker wins.**
+Land gains are simple, the bigger your target is, the more land you will gain. The percent of land gained on an attack is based on the ratio of your target's land and yours; the formula is exponential. **Attacking nations larger than your own is more profitable and suggested.**
+Casulaties are based on the amount of offense the attacker sends. If the attacker sends a lot more offense than needed to succeed on the attack, the attacker and defender loose more. **However, the most an attacker can loose is 20% of their attacking forces, while the defender can only loose 10% of the defending forces.** A well judged attack produces more favorable casualty rates.

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