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MooTools & Prototype plugin to create editable select tags

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SelectAutoComplter is a plugin for MooTools (1.2) that provides a way to create an editable <select>. It works by replacing a <select> in your document with a text field that uses the Quicksilver filtering algorithm to narrow down results.

Example Image

Recommended Uses:

  • User lists
  • Company lists
  • Dropdowns with many items

The Javascript is 100% unobtrusive and will fall back to a <select> tag for users without Javascript enabled. It's keyboard accessible and will respond to up/down arrow and enter/return keys as expected.

How to use

Usage is simple. Just call new SelectAutoCompleter(element) on any <select> tag you would like to replace. Your server will receive the same response as if the <select> was not replaced, so no backend work is needed.

See index.html for a working example.


License is MIT. See LICENSE file.


  • Need to refactor the keyboardListener function, it's messy
  • Add a trigger to show the list without typing in the box (similar to clicking the down arrow on a select field)
  • Add in effects to make it smoother
  • Test thoroughly
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