A collection of snippets I find useful
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A collection of Textmate snippets & bundles I find useful.

Tab Triggers

  • li+a (HTML) expands into a <li><a href="#"></a></li> block
  • lin (HTML) expands into a <li class=""><a href="#"></a></li> block (useful for list navigations)
  • /c (HTML) expands into a <!-- /end --> comment (useful for ending id/class groups)
  • reset (CSS) expands into a CSS reset block I've become accustomed to using
  • gradient (CSS) expands into an Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox friendly CSS-Gradient syntax (and falls back gracefully)
  • jp (Javascript) expands into a best practices jQuery plugin.

Command Triggers

  • Cmd+Shift+H (CSS) expands selected text into a comment heading

Want it all?

Just install Kyle's Stuff.bundle.