Logging query counts per request in a simple Spring Boot Todo List Application
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Logging query counts per request in a simple Spring Boot Todo List Application

This is a minimal Spring Boot Todo List application. I've created this app as a testing ground for an idea on how to log number of SQL queries Hibernate executes during rendering of a view (page).

Application has a request interceptor and Hibernate interceptor registered and they count of the queries executed and log them. Count is also exposed in the model so stats can be displayed on the page itself. The details on how this works are explained in this blog post: Counting Queries Per Request With Hibernate And Spring

Idea is to use the stats (and display them on the page) while in development in order to quickly detect potential performance issues with execessive query generations (such as N+1 problems).


Application logs it's log entries to application.log file. It also has a Logstash configuration to ship the log entries to a locally running instance of Elasticsearch. Logstash insists on absolute paths in config files and therefore you will need to change the absolute path entries in the logstash.conf in order for Logstash to work correctly. Having logs shipped to Elasticsearch with Logstash and analyzed with Kibana is described in this blog post: Manage Spring Boot Logs with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana.


To run the app download / clone the repository and then use gradle wrapper script to run it.

Linux / Mac:

./gradlew run


gradlew run

Point the browser to localhost:8080, click through the app and watch the logs display timings and query counts for each request.