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fixed error in fckeditor controller, where actionwebservice dispatch …

…was confused about where to find ActionController::Base. Fixes the 'unknown error creating folder' bug in fckeditor resource browser
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Josh Adams
Josh Adams committed Mar 24, 2009
1 parent 332ec48 commit c415593eb54ff0d97f73dd5190bf0ef0574378d8
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  1. +1 −1 vendor/plugins/fckeditor/app/controllers/fckeditor_controller.rb
@@ -133,7 +133,7 @@ def current_directory_path

def upload_directory_path
uploaded = ActionController::Base.relative_url_root.to_s+"#{UPLOADED}/#{params[:Type]}"
uploaded = ::ActionController::Base.relative_url_root.to_s+"#{UPLOADED}/#{params[:Type]}"

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