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This is a port of midilib from inside the BashoBanjo to Elixir. I learned after finishing it that it was written by Jim Menard. His original is here

He also ported it to Elixir, I learned later, and his has tests (which are obviously a good thing). His version can be found here.

To see the midi file reading working, from inside iex -S mix:'midi/mario.mid')

It can also generate .au files of a given midi note, intensity, and duration. This was ported from the BashoBanjo vnode lib. You can use it like so:

ExMidilib.AuGenerator.generate(120, 0.5, 1)

To hear it play a midifile it's read (by reading the midi data, generating PCM files on the fly, and piping those into paplay), run this:'midi/mario.mid')