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photo gallery rails engine (mountable, rails 3.1)

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Imagine is a Rails engine that provides drop-in image gallery support. It is extensible, and aims to be the de facto standard for Rails image galleries. Its a Rails image gallery, that's mountable. Works on rails 3.1 at least :) Should work on 3.x

It's still in active development.

See the links on the right for more info.


Add this to the Gemfile of your Rails 3.1 project:

gem 'imagine'

Bundle that puppy up:

bundle install

Generate an initializer file with:

rails generate imagine:initializer

Edit it with a sensible editor to taste:

vi config/initializers/imagine.rb

Install the migrations if you use ActiveRecord with:

rails generate imagine:migration

And run the migrations with:

rake db:migrate

Imagine mounting Imagine, then do it!:

mount Imagine::Engine, :at => "/imagine"

Finally, visit /imagine/albums in your browser to get started.


  • Mountable rails engine. Drops in to provide photo album support.
  • Plugin system allows new album view types to be built as minimal rails engines of their own.
  • Set default album style in your app.
  • View any album in any style by passing the plugin in params.
  • Supports ActiveRecord or Mongoid

External Dependencies

Imagine uses Dragonfly, which assumes you have ImageMagick installed on your server.


See the documentation.


I've got this set up to use spork, so just do the following:

In one terminal, do:

bundle exec spork rspec

In another terminal, once that's done, you can:

bundle exec rake spec
RAILS_ENV=test_mongoid bundle exec rake spec


  • Allow a user to choose the default display style at album level
  • Provide a standard means of wrapping with authentication
  • Provide a happy-path for attaching albums polymorphically to other objects
  • Make it look a little prettier. Provide a stylesheet that you can include if you so desire.


If you want to contribute, you can do so a few different ways. You could fork us on github, you could build a new album view plugin, or you could just give us some feedback or suggestions.


Please use the github issue tracker.



This project uses MIT-LICENSE.


Copyright (c) 2011 Josh Adams. See LICENSE for details.

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