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!SLIDE transition=scrollUp .notes Gem Authoring and Deployment

Gem Authoring and Deployment

Matt Yoho



  • In the beginning...
  • Overview of how rubygems works, changing load path, etc
  • Use Rake tasks to make gem building easier
  • Documentation (RDOC, Yard, Rocco, Ronn/man pages)


  • Add a license early in your gem development
    • Do what the ___ you want to public license
  • Bundler + RVM = WIN
  • Don't require rubygems in your gem
  • Semantic versioning (X.Y.Z)


  • "require" loads code once, it is smart
  • "load" loads the code without doing any checks
  • You should not "require 'rubygems'" it should already be on the load path
  • Don’t use jeweler, use a real gemspec
  • Unsure about this, maybe the gemspec has enough automation you don’t have to do this any more?
  • Aruba lets you write cuke specs within cuke specs. Helps with command line applications
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