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Export the shapes in the SF Symbols font
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sfsymbols is a quick-and-dirty command-line tool to export the shapes inside the SF Symbols font.


Open the Package.swift and build the project, then run the resulting sfsymbols tool from the command line.

There are several options you may specify:

  • --font-file: An path to a specific SF Symbols ttf file. If you leave out this argument, then sfsymbols will attempt to locate an installed copy of SF on your machine and use the font packaged inside there.

  • --font-weight: A specific font-weight to use for exporting symbols. Valid values are:

    • ultralight
    • thin
    • light
    • regular
    • medium
    • semibold
    • bold
    • heavy
    • black

    If you leave out this argument, then regular will be used. Also, depending on the specified --font-file, not all copies of the SF Symbols font may contain all weights.

  • --font-size: The size (in points) to use when exporting symbols. If you leave this argument out, then the default size of 44 will be used.

  • --symbol-size: The size of the shape to use. Valid values are small, medium, and large. The default value is large.

  • --output-folder: The folder where exported shapes should be created. Defaults to the current working directory.

  • --format: The format in which you'd like shapes exported. Valid values are:

    • ios-swift: UIBezierPath-based code in Swift
    • ios-objc: UIBezierPath-based code in Objective-C
    • macos-swift: NSBezierPath-based code in Swift
    • macos-objc: NSBezierPath-based code in Objective-C
    • svg: SVG files
    • png: PNG images
    • pdf: PDF images
    • iconset: An SFSymbols.xcassets bundle of 1x, 2x, and 3x PNGs
    • iconset-pdf: An SFSymbols.xcassets bundle of vector PDFs

    The default value is svg.


This is posted mainly as a proof-of-concept. Use it at your own risk.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are following the terms and conditions of using Apple's symbols. For more information, see

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