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Sinatra Application Template

A base Sinatra application template. Just fork and build. Yay! Includes Bundler, DataMapper, RSpec2, and Haml, all ready to go.

Works with both Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9.2.


Dependencies and all configuration is done in environment.rb. Your database is also set up here. DataMapper will use sqlite3 by default. Tests use the sqlite3-memory adapter (no configuration needed).

Add your controller actions in application.rb. Views for these actions are placed in the views directory. Static files, including a stock stylesheet, go in the public directory. Models go in the lib directory and are auto-loaded.


Add your specs in spec; just require spec_helper.rb to pre-configure the test environment. A number of samples are provided (including a sample model, which can be removed). To run the specs:

rake spec

Getting Started

bundle install
rake db:migrate
ruby application.rb


This project includes contributions from the following developers:

* garrensmith
* bryanwoods
* flexd
* mcollina

© 2011 Nick Plante. This code is distributed under the MIT license.