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Days Are Just Packed - Tic Tac Toe

Days Are Just Packed is a Calvin and Hobbes, tic tac toe application that was developed during our first hackathon.

Team Members

  • Joseph Tugade
  • Kevin Nguyen
  • Brian Bernstein


  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

Hackathon Requirements

  • Must have at least 2 players
  • Basically follow tic-tac-toe game play (ie alternating players, a number of contiguous cells in a row to win.
  • Player-selected gameboard size between 3 or at least 5 size game board
  • Players must be displayed. The turn of the player must be displayed
  • Player-selected win-condition size between 3 and the maximum current board size
  • Win condition must be able to be dynamically determined based off any size board