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@@ -14,11 +14,28 @@ Support for HTML output is implemented, but Groff and LaTeX
output have not been ported. The output should be identical
to that of peg-markdown.
-The Go version is around 3.5x slower than the original C
-version. A marked speed improvement has been achieved by
-converting function `preformat` from concatenating strings
-to using bytes.Buffer. At other places, where this kind of
-modification had been tried, performance did not improve.
+A simple benchmark has been done by comparing the
+execution time of the Go binary (cmd/main.go) and the
+original C implementation's binary needed for processing
+a Markdown document, which had been created by
+concatenating ten [Markdown syntax descriptions][syntax].
+ [syntax]:
+In [December 2010][dec], the `8g` compiled Go version still was
+around 3.5 times slower than the original C version.
+ [dec]:
+In the meantime Go compilers and runtime have been improved,
+which reduced the factor down to around 2.5 for both `8g` and `6g`
+for the unmodified sources.
+After some current changes to the peg/leg parser generator
+the Markdown parser can take advantage of the *switch* optimization
+now. This further reduced the execution time difference
+to 1.9x for `6/8g`.
## Installation

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