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CartInstall guide

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How to install a 3DS cartridge directly with CartInstall

by Glazed_Belmont

In this guide, you will be shown how to install your 3DS cartridge directly to your SD card without having to dump it and install it with FBI

Brief informative moment

What is CartInstall?

CartInstall is a gm9 fork and, as the name implies, is a method to install a 3DS cartridge directly to your SD card.

Why should I use this instead of the regular method?

This method doesn't require you to have twice the size to install the .cia and is 50% faster than the manual method.

What you will need

  • A modded 3DS running LumaCFW
  • CartInstall
  • A 3DS game cartridge

Section I: Installing

  1. Place CartInstall.firm in luma/payloads

  2. Power on your console while holding the Start button.

  3. Select CartInstall and press A.

  4. Decide if you want to read the readme.

  5. Unlock the SysNAND write permissions.

  6. Wait until the process finishes.

  7. Say Yes or No if you want to install another cartridge, saying No will make you reboot.

  8. Your game is now installed.


I'd like to thank Aspargas2 for his hard work at making this tool possible, I am not the creator of CartInstall, I'm just one of the testers.

Everyone who contributed in any way to d0k3's GodMode9, as this is just a fork of it

3DBrew and all its editors, for being an essential resource in making this tool

@BpyH64 for figuring out the CMACs on the .cmd files, without which this tool would not be possible

@wwylele for reverse engineering and documenting the internal format of the 3DS's .db files, and for creating a tool that is able to modify those files, which was the inspiration for this tool's ability to modify those files from the arm9

Everyone in crc on the Nintendo Homebrew Discord server who helped test this

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