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Waiting for PRs getting merged and new version getting released sometimes can be a long process. And I do understand sometimes an annoying bug could block the progress of your projects, or you are just excited to try the new feature.

So I made Knightly, trying to make the nightly build process universally available to any projects. Don't get frustrated when the maintainers are not available to make releases. And maintainers could also have less pressure to make everything on schedule.

No more "when will this be merged?" or "when will x.x.x be released?" - If you really need them, just use the nightly builds before the official release came out!

NPM Demo: vuejs/vue-next@ref-sugar


Community Maintained Builds

Community maintained builds will be published under the @knightly npm org. You can find the active build tasks in knightlyjs/tasks.

Request for Repo

It's currently a manual process. Submit your request issue for repos you would like to enable Knightly on, and we will add it for you.

Request for PRs

Once the repo enables Knightly, everyone can pin @knightly-bot in a PR, like:

@knightly-bot build this

The bot will leave a comment asking the community to vote on it.

If the comment receives 10 thumbs up πŸ‘. The nightly build for the PR will be enabled automatically.

Scripts for the bot can be found in knightlyjs/bot

Standalone Use

🚧 Support for project owners / maintainers to make official nightly builds on their own will be added later. We are currently focusing on Community Maintained Builds support.


🚧 This project is still under heavy development, the APIs may change without advance notice. You can use TypeScript auto-completion for now.


![Nightly Build](


This project is part of my Sponsor Program