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+Guide for Contributors
+Coding style:
+ Please follow PEP8:
+ Non-public classes and methods MUST be prefixed by _. This is also important
+ because the test and API documentation machinery makes assumtions based on
+ this convention.
+ Every added public class MUST have a corresponding unit test. The tests are
+ placed in the following directory: tests/SpiffWorkflow/
+ The test directory layout mirrors the source code directory layout, e.g.
+ SpiffWorkflow/specs/
+ has a corresponding test in
+ tests/SpiffWorkflow/specs/
+ The unit test for each class MUST have a CORRELATE class attribute that points
+ to the tested class. (The test machinery uses this attribute to find untested
+ methods.)
+ Each commit MUST NOT break functionality. In other words, the code in the
+ repository should function at any time, and all test MUST pass.
+ Every public class and function or method MUST include API documentation. The
+ documentation MUST cover the method's arguments and return values.
+ Write inline documentation generously.
+ Make sure that each commit contains related changes only. E.g. don't fix
+ two unrelated bugs in one commit, or introduce a new feature while refactoring
+ another part of the program in the same commit. When in doubt, use multiple
+ small commits. In general, most commits should be relatively small unless they
+ are plain additions.
+ You have to agree to licensing under the lGPLv3, and every added file MUST
+ include a copyright header.
+ If you modify a file and add a chunk of at least 7 lines in size, please add
+ yourself to the copyright header of that file.

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