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A Python module making Telnet and SSH easy
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= Exscript =

Exscript is a Python module and a template processor for automating network 
connections over protocols such as Telnet or SSH. We attempt to create the 
best possible set of tools for working with Telnet and SSH.

Exscript is also an excellent and much more powerful Net::Telnet replacement, 
so we welcome all you Perl developers!

Exscript may be used to automate sessions with routers from Cisco, Juniper, 
OneAccess, Huawei, or any others. If you want to configures machines 
running Linux/Unix, IOS, IOS-XR, JunOS, VRP, or any other operating system 
that can be used with a terminal, Exscript should be just what you are 
looking for.

The Exscript template language is also in some ways comparable to Expect, 
but has some unique features that make it a lot easier to use and understand 
for non-developers.

= Links =

Mailing List:

= Dependencies =

* Python 2.6 or greater
* Python-crypto
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