Installation Guide

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Installing the dependencies

Exscript requires the following software to be already installed on your system:

  1. Any Linux/Unix should work. Exscript is tested on Ubuntu, AIX, and Solaris.
  2. Python 2.6 or later
  3. Python’s Setuptools

Exscript takes care of installing the following dependencies for you:

  1. Paramiko
  2. The python-crypto (pycrypto) module 2.0.1 or later

Installing Exscript

You have 2 options installing exscript: You can install it using pip or get the most bleeding edge version directly from github.

Installing using pip

Of course you need to have pip installed.

sudo pip install exscript

Installing directly from github using git

git clone git://
cd exscript
sudo make install

Checking installation (optional)

That should be it. If Python’s setuptools is configured correctly, the installation should just work. You can test if all is fine by typing

exscript --help

If this prints the Exscript help, your installation is complete.

Running the automated test suite

If you installed from github, you can run the integrated testsuite.
Exscript comes with a large number of automated tests. To run them, cd into the root of the Exscript package and execute the following command to test your installation.

make tests

There shouldn’t be any errors, so if something comes up please file a bug. If it still does not work, just let me know and I will help.