Prototype of the user-interface of Radiant CMS.
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== What is this?

This is a simple HTML prototype of Radiant written in HAML that is designed
to be viewed with serve.

What is serve? Serve is a rapid prototyping framework for Rails
applications. It is designed to compliment Rails development and enforce a
strict separation of concerns between designer and developer. Using Serve
with Rails allows the designer to happily work in his own space creating an
HTML prototype of the application, while the developer works on the Rails
application and copies over HTML from the prototype as needed. This allows
the designer to focus on presentation and flow while the developer can focus
on the implementation.

We are presently experimenting with using serve in this capacity to speed
the development and implementation of new features in Radiant.

= How do I install and run serve?

Serve is distributed as a gem to make it easy to get up and running. To

  % sudo gem install serve

To get up and running, open up a terminal, cd to this directory and execute:

  % serve

This will startup serve on port 4000. You can now view the prototype in your
Web browser at this URL:


Click around. You will find that serve enables us to prototype most of the
functionality of Radiant without writing a single line of back end code!

= Can I contribute?

Sure! We welcome contributions to the prototype. If you have an idea for a
new feature this is the perfect place to get the action rolling. Once you
have it prototyped using serve, create a ticket on the dev site and attach
your patch. Then give us a holler on the dev mailing list and we can debate
the merits of your idea there.