Visualizing an invitation graph of your slack team
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Visualizing an invitation tree of your slack team.

日本語ドキュメント (Japanese)

Check a live demo here

invitation tree sample


Need owner or admin permission.

1. Clone a repository

$ git clone

2. Export history of invitations

Export history of invitations automatically from your slack team's Accepted invitations page. And save it as accepted_invites.json in your current directory. And also save your slack team name as team_name.json.

$ cd slack-inviteviz
$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install --path vendor/bundle
$ bundle exec rake export
Your slack team name(subdomain): xxxxxx
Login email:
Login password(hidden): xxxxxxxxxx
Your two factor authentication code: xxxxxx

3. View an invitation tree in your browser

Start a local server and open an invitation tree in your browser.

$ bundle exec rake server

Zoom out the browser if an invitation tree does not fit the screen dimensions.


Under the following conditions, an invitation tree is split.

  • Disabled user exists. (Currently not possible to see who invited a disabled user.)
  • Email signed up user exists. (If email sign up is enabled for your slack team, new members will be able to create an account on their own.)


The automatic export script export.rb is based on the import.rb of slack-reaction-decomoji.

Dummy user data are generated from the RANDOM USER GENERATOR.


The export.rb is licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

The others are licensed under the MIT License.