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MHacks 2013 Top Submissions + Awards

Basically live typing during demos and updating this page with links and updates-- pull requests with corrections and other updates are highly encouraged. If anyone else would like to help keeping this up to date just hit me up -> @knksmith57 and I'll add you as a collaborator

Top Prize Awards

  1. $TBA GreenCan
  2. $TBA Save My Glass
  3. $TBA Tabbr

Sponsor Awards

Facebook + Parse

Prize of $3000 and 1-year of Parse membership

Winner: TrackPunch

See more details about TrackPunch below


Prize of Lego Mindstorms EV3

Winner: t2wub

t2wub screenshot

t2wub is a utility that takes text (max length 140 characters) and converts it into an audio file, hosted on SoundCloud...

...and dubsteps it.

We've hosted t2wub on an Azure instance and exposed a couple of endpoints.

Reply to any comment on reddit with "wubit" and wait for DubstepBot to respond. Text +1-703-596-8978 and you'll get a link back. Alternatively, text the same number, but begin your message with a phone number of format "+1XXXYYYZZZZ" (do not include dashes) and see what happens!


Prize of $500

Winner: MediData

MediData screenshot

MediData is a health reporting platform designed for communities in third world countries without access to the latest technology to. It allows villages to report the diseases in their local communities to Hospitals and Non-governmental organizations through text message. Once uploaded, this data can be analyzed through charts, which can be used to analyze the changes over time as well as help identify areas of concern.


Demo video:


Prize of a LeapMotion

Winner: Soapbox

Soapbox logo

Long ago when people wanted to be heard, they would stand on a SoapBox and holler. We believe our SoapBox gives the modern user a step up when it comes to being heard and hearing others. We aggregate data about issues taking into account proximity, friends, whats trending, and advanced machine learning to let our users become aware of important topics near their location.


Prize of Nexus 7 tablets + Chromecasts

Relevant XKCD screenshot

Relevant XKCD is a web app that uses Google App Engine and Google's Prediction API to accurately find relevant XKCD's given key words and phrases or context from a conversation. The website will display comics based on their relevancy, and you can then train the prediction set by indicating whether the comic that it produced was relevant. The web app can then be used as the basis for a bot that can post relevant XKCD's based on the context of comments from posts, and be trained based on the amount of upvotes it recieves.

Project site:

Winner: Save My Glass

More info below

The Thiel Fellowship

"First-ever Hackathon Prize" for travel and accommodations paid to attend the next Under20 summit

Winner: Know

By Benjamin Englard @benglard

Know screenshot

Today's social discovery apps show you people to meet, places to go, things to do - without any specialization, any recognition of your distinctions. By first analyzing your interactions on Facebook, Know attempts to discover your personality. It will then give you personalized recommendations.

Video demo:

Bain Company Ventures and TellApart

"Best use of data" prize

Winner: Assimilator

Assimilator screenshot

Assimilator is a JavaScript add-on that brings up articles based on the current website the user is on. For example, a person on the Tesla website looking at the Model S would receive a notification from Assimilator. Assimilator would then bring up articles such as the technology of electric cars, superchargers for Tesla cars, or competitors to the Tesla Model S.

Project site:


"Best iOS app" prize

By Jeff Bargmann @jeffbargmann

Seek is a make-your-own visual scavenger hunt game made for kids, parents & adults.

To play Seek, take pictures of objects for your children or friends to find. Hand your phone off, and the first image will be overlaid on top of your camera. Seek's image recognition technology (Vuforia SDK by Qualcomm) will know when you've found the item with your camera, and move on to the next picture until you win.

Demo video:

Top 10 Submissions

The below submissions are currently in presentation order with Sponsor prizes in between.

By Brad Dwyer @braddwyer

Flash Feed lets you ask your Page's fans questions and receive responses via a post's comments. The backend listens to the realtime updates stream from Facebook and replies to comments programmatically based on their content.

It also uses the "Feed Gaming" api in a creative way to display poll results as a post attachment. This enables users to interact with the brand without having to give up personal information or go through an OAuth flow. This integration was inspired by Ribbon's

Demo video:

By Peter Xiao @pterxiao

tabbr screenshot

tabbr is a search engine for tabs. Navigating to a tab slows down with more tabs. Instead, tabbr jumps directly to the tab you want by searching for it. A ranking algorithm will select the tab you want based on many factors, such as keywords in the tab content, tab title, tab url, frequency of accesses, most recently used, and other factors.

Github at

By Ash Bhat @theashbhat

cloud contacts screenshot

Exchanging contacts can be a pain at any networking event. By crowd sourcing contact information, we make getting someone's number as easy as typing their name into a search box. We use twilio to accept "contact requests" even for those who don't have the app. We built the back end off Parse for a scalable solution that will take us beyond our first 3 thousand contacts to millions around the nation.

Author site:

Demo video:

mumeter screenshot

Our iPhone App is a suite of services that use the I/O devices of the phone in unique ways. It features a "Friction Finder": a service that uses the accelerometer to find the coefficient of friction between the phone and another surface by sliding the phone along it. It also has a "Record Player" that uses the phone's gyroscope; you can play music at variable speed by spinning your phone about the z-axis.

By Joshua Drubin @Drubadubdub

GreenCan screenshot

A trashcan that sorts items into recyclables and non-recyclables based on the sound that the item makes as it enters the trashcan.

This prototype uses the sound that a material makes when it hits a platform to determine what the material is, and based on that information, determines whether or not the item is recyclable.

Demo video:


By Austin Feight @Hephaestus_t and Michael Huang @coolbho3k

Save My Glass screenshot

HUD/Safety features for driving with Google Glass. Also uses weather underground. HUD Features Display of MPH, RPM, Weather, as well as the speed limit for the current road. When Glass recognizes that you're nodding off behind the wheel, it flashes red and sounds an alarm in your ear to wake you up. In the event that Glass experiences accident-level G-forces, Save My Glass will start capturing video immediately and calls 911.


By Zachary Lytle @zacklytle, Tam Ayers @tamayers, and Jonas Weigert @JonasWeigert

TrackPunch screenshot

TrackPunch is a free music platform built upon the latest in social discovery technology via Facebook's OpenGraph and Parse's Rest API. We analyze music playback from popular services like Spotify, SoundCloud, 8Tracks and more in order to provide users with the ultimate in music suggestion experiences. Our data algorithms promise to show you your next favorite songs!

We'd also like to thank Ribbon for helping us sell out of first-edition TrackPunch tshirts. They're help was much appreciated and made the experience really fun and rewarding. Loved filming everyone from the quadcopter and can't wait to upload more footage!

Project page:

Project twitter account @trackpunch

Demo video:

VR Glove screenshot

A glove that could be used as an input to control a virtual reality software on the computer. The glove gives a feedback to the hand to make an illusion of holding an object by slightly restricting the movements of fingers pulling them with a servo mounted on the glove.


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