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React Webpack Skeleton


Build Status



  • git clone your-project
  • cd your-project
  • rm -rf .git
  • git init && git remote add origin <sshUrl>
  • npm install
  • cp dev.env .env
  • npm i -g foreman (if you don't have it globally installed already)
  • make client


  • Button demo
  • Input demo (text/select/switch/radio/checkbox/textarea)
  • Progress bar demo
  • Not Found page
  • Table demo
  • Tabs demo
  • Welcome page (featuring different panels)
  • Modal demo
  • Notification demo
  • Maps

In progress of completion

  • Accordions (in progress)
  • Mail (waiting to be merged)
  • Slider
  • Profile (waiting to be merged)


  • Settings demos
  • Timeline
  • Tree View
  • Fix routing on gh-pages


  • Blur Theme (Copyright (c) 2016 Akvemus GSC)


If you don't have an Auth0 account, create a new one, add the required .env vars.

Make sure in your Settings tab on Auth0's site to set callback url's to http://localhost:8011/login and allowed origins to http://localhost:8011