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"value" binding should always update when "change" event fires, even if it's also listening for a different event via "valueUpdate" #102

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Hi Steve,

Firstly, thanks for all of your awesome work on this project. I never thought I would say it, but I actually enjoy writing javascript now :D

Ok, down to business...

I am still experiencing this issue with the very latest build of your knockout js in the following scenario:

1) I have a form filled with a number of input text fields that are data-bound to a view model by "value".
2) When my form loads I select the first field in the form and enter a few characters so that the browser autocomplete list appears.
3) I click on one of the item in the autocomplete list box and that text appears in the form field.
4) I then press tab to tab to the next field in the form.
5) I click a submit button which invokes a javascript function that performs an ajax post of the forms values back to the server. It is here I discover that the auto completed value has not been propagated back to the the view model.
6) When I repreat the above steps, and I manually enter in the value of the first field, the value is propagated to the view model fine.

It seems this issue only occurs for me in IE 9 (version 9.0.8112.16421 to be exact). IE8 and Firefox seem to work fine.

Thanks in advance!



See my comments on case #122.

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