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Bug in extenders documentation #461

mikegleasonjr opened this Issue · 2 comments

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In the page:

In the section "Live Example 1: Forcing input to be numeric"

If we leave an input blank or with only whitespaces, NaN is appearing in the input.

2 fixes in the extender are required:

  • in the "newValueAsNum" declaration and
  • in the condition near: "target.notifySubscribers(valueToWrite);"

Here's the full code fixed:

ko.extenders.numeric = function(target, precision) {
   //create a writeable computed observable to intercept writes to our observable
   var result = ko.computed({
      read: target,  //always return the original observables value
      write: function(newValue) {
         var current = target(),
            roundingMultiplier = Math.pow(10, precision),
            newValueAsNum = !/\S/.test(newValue) || isNaN(newValue) ? 0 : parseFloat(newValue),
            valueToWrite = Math.round(newValueAsNum * roundingMultiplier) / roundingMultiplier;

         //only write if it changed
         if (valueToWrite !== current) {
         } else {
            //if the rounded value is the same, but a different value was written, force a notification for the current field
            if (newValue !== current) {

   //initialize with current value to make sure it is rounded appropriately

   //return the new computed observable
   return result;



Thanks for reporting this one. I just committed a fix for it. I did parseFloat(+newValue) to handle blank/whitespace and fixed the equality check on the last part as you had suggested.

@rniemeyer rniemeyer closed this

Nice trick, the parseFloat(+newValue)

Thank you for this awesome library...

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