July 2012 iteration planning #549

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mbest commented Jun 28, 2012

Discuss July plans.


mbest commented Jun 29, 2012


Issues to implement and/or merge: #116, #333, #352, #403, #537, #490

Issues to discuss: #259, #341, #483, #484


SteveSanderson commented Jul 2, 2012

Sounds good - thanks Michael for commencing this. Those items look like good ones to target. I'd also like to add two other project-management type items:

  1. Review organisation of GitHub issues. We're getting quite a substantial backlog (150 active items!) and I'm losing track of urgency, importance, and the difference between bugs, features, and long-term ideas. It may be that some other contributers have a clear idea of it all, but I don't... :(. One of my main goals for this iteration, then, is for me to come up with some labelling system that will help me and others make sense of the flow at this scale, and then go through all the opened items to put them into it.
  2. Progress on engineering improvements From #495, I'd suggest we:
    • Split up the bindings and their specs into separate files
    • Add JsHint to the build process (initially with the ability to disable it on a per-file basis, perhaps by allowing // bypassJsHint comments as the first line, then we can re-enable it on a per-file basis as each one is cleaned up in the future). For now I'd be happy to do this in the Bash build scripts only, as there's a good chance we'll deprecate the DOS ones soon anyway.

I'll definitely do item 1 (issues organisation), and will look into 2 (engineering) if time allows after covering the items Michael listed above. If Michael or anyone else wants to have a go with the two engineering items above, that would be great too.


SteveSanderson commented Jul 2, 2012

Also we still need to close on #226 from the last iteration - I know that one is waiting on me.


mbest commented Jul 3, 2012

I've added code for #490 and updated #333 to include a fix for #452. Both are ready to merge.


SteveSanderson commented Jul 4, 2012

Thanks - have merged those. Does it mean we can close #452 now also?


mbest commented Jul 5, 2012

Does it mean we can close #452 now also?

Yes. I have closed it.


mbest commented Jul 11, 2012

Split up the bindings and their specs into separate files.

I've opened #564 for this.


mbest commented Jul 17, 2012

We're over half way through the month and still a lot to cover:

#226, #352, #259, #483, #484, #564

@rniemeyer, it'd be great to get your input also on some of these items.

mbest closed this Aug 1, 2012

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