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@SteveSanderson SteveSanderson released this Aug 12, 2014 · 570 commits to master since this release

Knockout 3.2.0 release notes


  • 1290 - Components infrastructure and binding. Reusable, extensible components that can dynamically combine a view model and template. Component documentation
  • 1385 - Custom elements as a way to consume components (example: <my-component params="value: price, format: priceFormat"></my-component>). Custom element documentation
  • 1359 - ko.pureComputed - a computed that sleeps when it has no dependencies. Pure computed documentation
  • 1160 - Added textInput binding for robust handling of real-time updates (key presses, pasting, drag-and-drop, etc.) to a field as an alternative to value binding with valueUpdate options. textInput documentation
  • 1146 - Make the value binding act like checkedValue when used on same element as checked binding.
  • 1039 - Bower support now includes distributable (built) files (3.1.0 release was also updated to include these files).


  • 1334 - Fixed an issue with the value binding when used with afterkeydown and rateLimit.
  • 972 - Fixed handling of 0 in style binding.
  • 1252 - Fixed ko.utils.postJson truncation issue.
  • 1433 - Make template/foreach work with an observable name option.
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