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@mbest mbest released this Sep 8, 2018 · 25 commits to master since this release

This release includes a number of fixes for regressions in the previous 3.5.0 release candidate. Given the time since the RC, we also decided to include a few small improvements.

  • Fix to maintain an element's focus when it's moved by the foreach binding.
  • Fix changes to style binding to correctly append px.
  • Fix regression to ko.contextFor when used after ko.applyBindingsToNode.
  • Revert changes in ko.utils to use native array methods.
  • Remove global createChildContextWithAs option and add noChildContext binding option. The default behavior for as matches previous releases.
  • Fix the interaction of descendantsComplete and if/ifnot/with bindings.
  • Add an option for if/ifnot/with bindings: completeOn: "render" will have the binding wait to trigger descendantsComplete until it is rendered.
  • Throw an error for unbalanced virtual elements.
  • ko.applyBindings throws an error if a non-Node is given as the second parameter.
  • Support an options objects as a parameter to createChildContext.
  • Support a custom rate-limit function as the method parameter to the rateLimit extender.
  • Support setting custom CSS properties with the style binding.
  • Optimize how many elements are moved by foreach.
  • Update TypeScript declarations.
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