Latest commit 87e8a59 Dec 14, 2016 @mbest mbest committed on GitHub Merge pull request #2171 from knockout/1735-spectate-event
observables notify a "spectate" event whenever their value changes.
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components When a component matches the name of a standard element, don't proces… May 25, 2015
defaultBindings Merge pull request #1811 from knockout/1811-using-binding Dec 6, 2016
lib Fixed #2078: use jQuery's on if available instead of bind Dec 6, 2016
arrayEditDetectionBehaviors.js Allow observable arrays to set dontLimitMoves (thanks, @ThomasMichon) May 7, 2015
arrayToDomEditDetectionBehaviors.js Split editDetectionBehaviors into DOM/non-DOM Jan 8, 2013
asyncBehaviors.js Merge pull request #2171 from knockout/1735-spectate-event Dec 14, 2016
asyncBindingBehaviors.js Fix for #1975. Issue occurs when a computed is changed when awakening… Jan 15, 2016
bindingAttributeBehaviors.js Update test to pass in old IE; use latest version of jQuery in tests;… Aug 30, 2015
bindingDependencyBehaviors.js Merge pull request #1206 from knockout/1206-fix-rawData Feb 10, 2014
bindingPreprocessingBehaviors.js Use Jasmine's 'after' and custom 'restoreAfter' methods to clean up a… Aug 28, 2013
blank.html Add specs for cross-window operation; fix issues discovered through t… Nov 13, 2014
crossWindowBehaviors.js fixes #1796 - in cross window situation, load template from same wind… Dec 6, 2016
dependentObservableBehaviors.js observables notify a "spectate" event whenever their value changes. T… Dec 10, 2016
dependentObservableDomBehaviors.js Support binding to detached nodes Aug 24, 2013
domNodeDisposalBehaviors.js Fixes #1740: Don't clean nodes that are removed during the clean proc… Dec 12, 2016
expressionRewritingBehaviors.js Accept bindings with comments (either C++ or C style) fixes #1524 and… Dec 4, 2016
extenderBehaviors.js port to jasmine Nov 15, 2012
jsonPostingBehaviors.js replace tab to space Jun 25, 2014
mappingHelperBehaviors.js ko.toJS no longer replaces RegExp objects with plain objects Mar 9, 2015
memoizationBehaviors.js port to jasmine Nov 15, 2012
nativeTemplateEngineBehaviors.js Clean up some duplicate code in native template engine specs Aug 8, 2015
nodePreprocessingBehaviors.js Fix "Can replace a node with some other node" in IE<9 Sep 27, 2013
observableArrayBehaviors.js Observable array mutation methods that would normally return the arra… May 8, 2015
observableArrayChangeTrackingBehaviors.js Add new test for notifySubscribers cleanup Jan 13, 2016
observableBehaviors.js observables notify a "spectate" event whenever their value changes. T… Dec 10, 2016
onErrorBehaviors.js #1715 onError callback Apr 8, 2015
parseHtmlFragment.js Always use jQuery for HTML parsing if available, even though current … Sep 24, 2015
pureComputedBehaviors.js Expand pureComputed spectate test to show why the version needs to be… Dec 14, 2016
runner.html Merge pull request #1811 from knockout/1811-using-binding Dec 6, 2016
runner.node.js Deferred updates, part 1: task scheduler, extender, tests Mar 20, 2015
runner.phantom.js Make sure we exit with an error code if runner times out May 30, 2015
subscribableBehaviors.js Expand getSubscriptionsCount to accept an event parameter Oct 14, 2014
taskBehaviors.js Errors from tasks are reported asynchronously so that all tasks in th… Apr 11, 2015
templatingBehaviors.js Verify the view-model subscription count. Nov 19, 2015
utilsBehaviors.js Move DOM-related test to appropriate test file so that node tests pas… May 7, 2015
utilsDomBehaviors.js IE needs an element to be added to the document before it will call e… Aug 28, 2015