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attrBehaviors.js port to jasmine
checkedBehaviors.js Use ko.applyBindingAccessorsToNode in value to wrap checkedValue; ko.…
clickBehaviors.js port to jasmine
cssBehaviors.js Simplify SVG test; update comment.
enableDisableBehaviors.js port to jasmine
eventBehaviors.js port to jasmine
foreachBehaviors.js Fix "Should call an afterRender callback, passing all of the rendered…
hasfocusBehaviors.js fix specs that fail in IE because of sync issues
htmlBehaviors.js port to jasmine
ifBehaviors.js Add specs for cross-window operation; fix issues discovered through t…
ifnotBehaviors.js Add specs for cross-window operation; fix issues discovered through t…
optionsBehaviors.js Add check that optionsAfterRender binding was provided a function bef…
selectedOptionsBehaviors.js Fix "selectedOptions" binding bug
styleBehaviors.js Test and fix for #972
submitBehaviors.js port to jasmine
textBehaviors.js Use Jasmine's 'after' and custom 'restoreAfter' methods to clean up a…
textInputBehaviors.js Include the ability to test certain textInput functionality through i…
uniqueNameBehaviors.js port to jasmine
valueBehaviors.js Fix for valueAllowUnset - null selection not maintained when option i…
visibleBehaviors.js port to jasmine
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