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List of Bindings

Other Repositories:

onlyurei / knockout-custom-bindings-jquery-ui Knockout Custom Bindings for jQuery UI Widgets (autocomplete, dragDrop, slider, sortable)

thelinuxlich / knockout_bindings Some Knockout bindings for jQueryUI, jQuery Validation plugin and jQuery mask plugin

madcapnmckay/Knockout-UI Knockout UI is a collection of UI components based on Knockout and JQuery UI.

ericmbarnard/KoGrid A Knockout DataGrid

gvas/JQuery-UI Knockout Bindings for all of the base JQuery UI widgets.

Knockout-Contrib Has a Knockout Validation extension, and DataGrid

Knockout.Extensions Has a DataTable binding extension

Knockout.Modal.Colorbox A binding for applying modal behaviour bindings to the view, currently only has colorbox implementation.

Knockout.Tab A binding for applying tabbed behaviour bindings to the view.

Knockout.Collapse A binding for applying collapse behaviour bindings to the view.

Knockout.Lock A binding for locking or unlocking elements, such as forms during ajax actions etc

Knockout.Typing A binding for raising callbacks when a user types or stops typing in a field

Knockout.Files A binding for loading files locally via filereader and with drag and drop support

Knockout.Gravatar A binding for displaying gravatar images

Knockout.Tooltip A binding for displaying tooltips on elements, using qtip2 for tooltip behavior

Knockout.Watermark A binding for displaying watermarks on input fields, uses jquery watermark for behaviour, it is recommended to now use placeholders in HTML instead though

Knockout.Chart A binding for charts via ChartJS

Knockout.Date A binding for displaying dates in a sensible format via DateJS

Knockout.TextComplete A binding for having useful text completes with multiple strategies.

knockout.contextmenu Knockout binding for an easy-to-use contextual menu.