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For TODO between alpha and release, see #1

Beta 1.5

  • Make optional chaining the default for property lookups

Beta 1.4

  • Support nullish coalescing ??
  • Support optional chaining ?.
  • Support exponentiation operator **
  • Pass context to mustache pipe filters as this


  • replace objectLookup with Map in toJS for O(n) instead of O(nΒ²) computational complexity (#170 @felipesantoz)
  • fix equality comparison for select option values (#155/#163 @danieldickison)
  • fix identifier set_value in parser (#157/#161 @danieldickison)
  • remove mustache from text/attr bindings by default (#156 @danieldickison)
  • knockout function rewrite improvements (#156 @danieldickison)
  • change parsing algorithm to Shunting Yard (#151 @danieldickison)
  • Switch to esbuild (likely breaks existing imports/require/etc)
  • add preventDefault to event handler bindings
  • switch source to Typescript (but no types exported yet)
  • change build.reference & build.knockout build export strategy
  • make bindingGlobals empty by default (#165 @danieldickison)

πŸ‘‘ alpha 9 (28 Feb 2020)

  • Fix JSX observable properties being overwritten with observed value on the NativeProvider

πŸ‡ alpha 8.4a (24 Oct 2019)

  • Make the NativeProvider less preemptive i.e. allow other bindings to proceed if there are no native (JSX) bindings. This means data-bind and other attributes can be used inside JSX.

πŸ‡ alpha 8.4 (24 Oct 2019)

  • [Security] Make the NativeProvider preemptive so that observables passed to JSX won't be double-bound (preventing XSS attacks of the form <div>{jsxObservable}</div> where jsxObservable is {{ some_variable }}).

🧀 alpha 8.3 (28 Sept 2019)

  • Queue JSX node cleaning in batches

πŸ₯Ώ alpha8.2 (22 Sept 2019)

  • Fix SlotBinding being called twice via JSX/Observables

πŸ₯Ύ alpha8.1 (20 Sept 2019)

  • Add support for passing generators to JSX
  • Fix parsing of objects with trailing commas (e.g. { a: 1, })
  • Fix nested JSX observers not binding children

πŸ‘’ alpha8.0 (1 July 2019)

  • Update build system (experimenting)
  • Change JSX behaviour so Node instances in observables are not cloned. This behaviour allows injecting HTMLCanvasElement instances without losing the canvas content.
  • Fix case where JSX computed value is initially null or undefined

πŸŽ‡ alpha7

  • Make node cleaning upon removal with JSX asynchronous
  • Add createElement to the tko reference build, that (essentially) mimics React.createElement
  • Fix and add test for applyBindingsToNode being used in delegation (i.e. with computeds)
  • Fix typo in ieAutoCompleteHackNeeded for value binding

πŸŽ’ alpha-5a..alpha6.x (ongoing)

  • JSX now supports infinitely nestable observables/arrays
  • JSX now uses trackArrayChanges to give O(1) updates to arrays
  • LifeCycle::subscribe now binds to the current class instance
  • The tko package will now be published as @tko/build.reference, and knockout as @tko/build.knockout
  • Mass move of tko.* to the @tko organization i.e. @tko/
  • Test release
  • Fix auto-unwrapping of Jsx attributes
  • Allow JSX to be used with SVG elements, and respect xmlns attribute
  • Refresh JSX node when it's subscribable
  • Make <slot> elements and JSX play better together
  • Fix JSX computed not working when returning an array of observables
  • Fix futures resolving to observables
  • Fix node subscriptions not being properly disposed

🎩 alpha-5 (4 July 2018)

  • (observable) When supported, observable.length will now be undefined (was 0 before), and observableArray.length will now be the length of the wrapped array
  • (observableArraty) observableArray is now iterable (has a Symbol.iterator property)
  • (utils) Several array utilities use native functions now (arrayPushAll, arrayFilter, arrayGetDistinctValues, arrayFirst, arrayIndexOf)
  • (various) forward-ports per #5
  • (components) Warn with custom-element names that cannot be used with custom elements re. #43 & knockout/knockout#1603
  • (event binding) Add object-based event handler e.g. { handler: fn, once: true, capture: true, bubble: false, passive: false}. Also, bubbling can be prevented with {bubble: false } re #32
  • (event binding) Add throttle and debounce parameters
  • The throttle and debounce utilities now pass arguments to the target functions
  • (components) Allow Component-specific binding handlers from component.prototype.getBindingHandler
  • (components) Issue a warning if ignoreCustomElementWarning is not passed to a component registration and the component name is not usable for custom elements.
  • (observable) Removed then from observable.fn because it'll likely cause a lot of confusing issues with implicit unwrapping from async functions.
  • (observable) Add ko.proxy and related functions ko.proxy.peek(obj, prop), ko.proxy.isProxied(obj), ko.proxy.getObservable(obj, prop).
  • Fix missing ko.when and ko.isObservableArray
  • Add options.bindingStringPreparsers array of functions that mutate binding strings before they are parsed
  • Parse ES2015 object initializer shorthands e.g. {name} = {name: name}
  • Expose ko.computedContext as alias of ko.dependencyDetection
  • Support JSX for component templates, so the template can consume the output of babel-plugin-transform-jsx
  • Support component template slots, much like those in Vue.js.
  • Support template properties on Component View models (previously they had to be static properties)
  • Numerous forward-ports from Knockout 3.x (#54)
  • Expose createViewModel on Components registered with Component.register
  • Changed Component.elementName to Component.customElementName and use a kebab-case version of the class name for the custom element name by default
  • Pass {element, templateNodes} to the Component constructor as the second parameter of descendants of the Component class
  • Add support for <ko binding='...'>
  • Add basic support for ko.subscribable as TC39-Observables

🚚 Alpha-4a (8 Nov 2017)

  • (build) Change the tko export to global.ko for backwards compatibility (instead of global.tko).

🚜 Alpha-4 (8 Nov 2017)

  • (components) Add ko.Component, an abstract base class that simplifies the Component creation and registration API (see tko.utils.component/src/ComponentABC.js)
  • (with binding) Fix dependency count for function-arguments [knockout/knockout#2285]
  • (options) Allow importing ko in node
  • (components) Add getBindingHandler(key) to use binding handlers local to a component
  • (docs) Add / with structure for building and deploying documentation website
  • (npm) Publishing all packages as 4.0.0-alpha4

🏰 Alpha-3 (30 June 2017)

  • (build) Compiles to dist/ko.js (via Babel)
  • (build) The dist/tko.js (that exported tko) has been deprecated/removed
  • (internal) Add the ES6 LifeCycle class (see tko.lifecycle)
  • (binding handlers) Add new-style ES6 Binding Handler class (see custom-bindings documentation and tko.bind/src/BindingHandler.js), descended from the LifeCycle class
  • (lifecycle) Fix error with event handler type
  • (provider) Add & document the Provider base class
  • (subscribable) Add the once, then, when, yet, and next functions
  • (parser) Fix early-out for logical (&& / ||) operators
  • (binding) ko.applyBindings now returns a Promise that resolves when bindings are completed
  • (attr) Support namespaced attributes with attr binding #27
  • (options) Add the options.Promise, so users can use a their own or a safe Promise variant of A+/Promises (defaults to window.Promise)
  • (attribute-interpolation) Fix interpolation of styles attribute (e.g. style="color: {{color}}") in the AttributeMustacheProvider, by adding attributesBindingMap parameter.

πŸ‹ Alpha-2 (3 May 2017)

  • (API) Expose dependencyDetection.ignore as ignoreDependencies
  • (foreach binding) When using the as parameter, the $data remains unchanged (i.e. the context inside a foreach is no longer a "child" context, but an extension of the current context); this deprecates the noContext parameter
  • (foreach binding) Expose the conditional on the domData for use by the else binding (when the array is empty, the else binding will be rendered)
  • (foreach binding) Expose $list inside the foreach
  • (foreach binding) Allow noIndex as a peer binding parameter (e.g. foreach: items, noIndex: true)
  • (bind) String errors on binding are now propagated
  • (provider) Fix dereferencing of namespaced items e.g. attr.title: ${v}
  • (parser) Fix unary negation
  • (foreach) Preserve focus when items are deleted and re-added (i.e. moved) in the same animation frame.
  • (observable array) Incorporate 3.4 fix for memory leak
  • (parser) Fix array values not being unwrapped/called e.g. data-bind="x: [f(), observable, 1 + 6, a ${x} c]"
  • (parser) Fix interpretation of unicode characters as identifiers / variables

🏹 Alpha-1 (20 Dec 2016)

  • Fix negation operator (-) application - integers/floats e.g. -1 work, as well as variables -x and expressions -(x + y)

  • Use tko.binding.foreach for the foreach binding (based on brianmhunt/knockout-fast-foreach)

  • Add each as an alias of foreach

  • Parser

    • Correct behavior with dereferencing members of expressions (e.g. (x || y).z or (abc || {x: null})['x'])
    • Fix canonical (() => ...) lambdas
    • Support C & C++ style comments (knockout/knockout#1524)
    • Fix filter/or ambiguity on pipe |
    • Raise an error with anonymous functions
    • Fix && and || operator precedence
  • Updated Rollup - changes order of compilation, smaller output

  • Fix issue with first rendering of an elseif binding

  • Make the template binding expose a conditional for else-binding

  • Expose ko.dependencyDetection

  • Make sure obj.x uses this of obj where x is a function (e.g. click: model.onClick has this of model)

  • Ensure obj.x only uses obj as this when x is a prototypal method (and not just a value)

  • Honour explicit references to this (as $data)

  • Ensure bindings with multiple filters work as expected

  • If available, use a WeakMap for DOM node data (resolves knockout/knockout#2141)

  • Fix filters not separated by whitespace (e.g. value|filter1|filter2)

🐚 Alpha-0 (9 Nov 2016)

The following are short-hands for the changes from Knockout 3.4(.1).

  • various new options

  • rewritten as ES6 in multiple packages, so it can be mixed/matched

    • e.g. observables are usable independently from knockout/tko.observable
  • rewritten data-bind parser

    • add "naked" => lambdas (even in legacy browsers e.g. data-bind='click: => was_clicked(true)'
    • inline functions are no longer supported (e.g. data-bind='click: function (){...}' will fail)
    • Can be used with Content-Security-Policy unsafe-eval
    • No longer uses with statements
    • No longer uses eval/new Function
    • support template literals (``) in bindings (even in legacy browsers)
    • == and === use === for comparison (same for != and !==); fuzzy equality ~== / ~!= for the evil twins
    • add the @ prefix operator that calls/unwrap functions (i.e. obs()() is the same as @obs)
  • incorporate punches {{ }} and {{{}}} text and attribute interpolation

  • utils

    • utils.domNodeDisposal is now exposed as domNodeDisposal
    • arguments to setHtml that are functions are called (not just observables)
    • cleanExternalData now exposed in domNodeDisposal.otherNodeCleanerFunctions
  • error handling

    • onError no longer throws if overloaded; default function is to re-throw.
    • error is thrown when an extender is not found
  • bindings

    • add <!-- else --> inside the if binding, and add an else binding (following the brianmhunt/knockout-else plugin)
    • add hidden binding (knockout/knockut#2103)
    • using binding in tko.binding.core
    • html binding in virtual elements (from punches)
    • punches-like value|filter filtering
    • incorporate punches namespacing i.e. data-bind=' => thing(true)' is equivalent to data-bind='event: {click: => thing(true)}'
  • bindng handler updates

    • the valueAccessor passed to a binding handler is now callable, the first argument being a 'setter' of the object property or observable (this replaces twoWayBinding)
    • allowVirtualElements can now be set with a property on a bindingHandler
  • Updated preprocessor API

  • Deprecated

    • Template binding options are deprecated
    • expressionWriting (twoWayBinding)
    • β€˜.’ in binding handler names
    • jsonExpressionRewriting (expressionRewriting)
    • form parsing
    • bind shim
    • ko.utils.parseJson
    • getFormFields
    • fieldsIncludedWithJsonPost
    • postJson