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##DeepChains GitHub Stats

Deepchains is a specialized product to build private and public blockchains. It allows easy integration and migration from blockchains like Ethereum and Multichain.

We offer consulting and product development for Blockchain technologies, smart contracts, Hyperledger, exchanges, payment gateways, wallets and escrow.

We are a group of industry veterans who have joined hands to usher and ride the new wave of software development.

##Topics Covered

  1. Introduction of Blockchains
  2. Getting Started with Multichains

##Blog Posts

  1. What would kill Uber, Airbnb, TripAdvisor in one go?
  2. Introduction to MultiChain : BlockChains
  3. Are we really eliminating central authorities with blockchain?
  4. BlockChain Internals: Data Storage
  5. Quick example of a block in a blockchain
  6. Insurance needs to wake up to blockchains!
  7. Introduction of Blockchain
  8. Blockchain + Digital Signature

   You can find all blogs here

###Contact Deepchains

We are proudly a part of Knoldus. Send us an email and we would respond back immediately. Follow us on our blog!