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A Springboot-Cassandra-Java application built using maven as a build tool. This application has all the CRUD oprations and some other methods that uses Supported query keywords.

Lombok is also used to reduce a lot of boilerplate code.

Steps to run the application:

  1. Download and run Cassandra before running the application.

  2. Using the Maven Plugin: The Spring Boot Maven plugin includes a run goal that can be used to quickly compile and run your application. Maven command to run a Spring Boot application:

    mvn spring-boot:run

  3. Now, you can hit the service for the following endpoints:

    1. Welcome page: localhost:8082

    2. Add user: localhost:8082user/add

      Request Body:

      { "id": "1", "name": "Knoldus", "age": "7" }

    3. Get user by id: localhost:8082/1

    4. Update user: localhost:8082/user/update/1/knoldus/8

    5. Count users by name: localhost:8082/user/count/knoldus

    6. Get user by using two params: localhost:8082/user/getbynameandage/knoldus/8

    7. Delete user: localhost:8082/user/delete/1

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