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code_static_analyzer plugin

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Getting Started

This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-code_static_analyzer, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin code_static_analyzer

About code_static_analyzer

This plugins runs different Static Analyzers for checking your code on warnings, copypaste, syntax, etc and generate reports. Each analyzer in this plugin generate separate report codeAnalysResult_<name of analyzer>.xml and save result status in shared values <NAME>_ANALYZER_STATUS: 0 - code is clear, any other value - code include warnings/errors. Finally you can check plugin return value (true='code is clear'/false) to decide what to do next.
All reports are generated in JUnit format for easier start-up at the CI servers.
This plugin can be used in pair with CI static code analysis plugins. Check out the Using CI plugins section.


  • You can configure rubocop analyzer by creating configuration file .rubocop.yml in your project (more about rubocop configuration
  • All paths should be relative to work directory.
  • Clang-format tool have to be installed on your machine to use clang analyzer

Specific for copy paste analyzer (CPD)


code_static_analyzer - runs all configured analyzers together (Copy paste analyzer always runs).
You may run each analyzer separate:
cpd_analyzer - finds copy paste in code (based on CPD from PMD package)
ruby_analyzer - checks your ruby files. Some offenses can be auto-corrected (if you want to save the changes do it manually)
warning_analyzer - this analyzer uses Xcode built-in analyzer mainly to detect warnings
clang_analyzer - this analyzer uses clang-format command to check and fix your code styling

Reference and Example

code_static_analyzer (Run all analyzers)

# minimum configuration
      analyzers: 'all',
      cpd_language: 'objectivec',
      xcode_project_name: 'path/to/TestProject',
# full configuration
      analyzers: 'all',
      result_dir: 'result directory',
      cpd_tokens: '150',
      cpd_language: 'objectivec',
      cpd_files_to_inspect: 'path/to/myFiles/', # or list %w('path/to/myFiles/' 'path/to/testFiles/')
      cpd_files_to_exclude: 'Pods', # or list %w('Pods' 'path/to/filesNotToInspect/file1.m' 'path/to/filesNotToInspect/in/dir')
      xcode_project_name: 'path/to/TestProject',
      xcode_workspace_name: 'path/to/testWorkspace',
      xcode_targets: ['TPClientTarget','TPServerTarget'],
      ruby_files: 'fastlane/Fastfile',
      disable_junit: 'all', # don't create any results in JUnit format
      autocorrect: true,
      clang_dir_to_inspect: %w('path/to/myFiles/' 'path/to/testFiles/'),
      clang_dir_to_exclude: %w(Pods ThirdParty Build 'path/to/otherDir'),
      files_extention: %w(h cpp),
      basic_style: 'custom'
Parameter Description
analyzers List of analysers you want to run. Supported analyzers: "xcodeWar", "rubocop", "CPD", "all"
result_dir (optional) Directory's name for storing analysis results.
cpd_tokens (optional) The min number of words in code that is detected as copy paste.
Default value: 100
cpd_language (optional) Language used in files that will be inspected on copy paste.
Supported analyzers: ['apex', 'cpp', 'cs', 'ecmascript', 'fortran', 'go', 'groovy', 'java', 'jsp', 'matlab', 'objectivec', 'perl', 'php', 'plsql', 'python', 'ruby', 'scala', 'swift', 'vf']. If you need any other language just don't set this parameter.
cpd_files_to_inspect (optional) List of paths (relative to work directory) to files/directories to be inspected on copy paste.
cpd_files_to_exclude (optional) List of paths (relative to work directory) to files/directories not to be inspected on copy paste
xcode_project_name (required if use warning analyzer) Xcode project name in work directory
xcode_workspace_name (optional) Xcode workspace name in work directory. Set it if you use different project & workspace names
xcode_targets (optional) List of Xcode targets to inspect. By default used all targets which are available in project
ruby_files (optional) List of paths to ruby files to be inspected
disable_junit (optional) List of analysers for which you want to disable results in JUnit format.
Supported analyzers: "xcodeWar", "rubocop", "CPD", "all"
By default all results will be created in JUnit format.
autocorrect (optional) If your code will be corrected basing on clang configuration.
Default value: false
clang_dir_to_inspect (optional) List of directories which include files you want to inspect.
Default value: your work directory
clang_dir_to_exclude (optional) List of directories which include files you don't want to inspect.
files_extention (optional) List of file extensions you use. [!] Each extension set without point.
Default value:[m h]
basic_style (optional) Basic Code Styling you want to use.
Supported styles: ['LLVM', 'Google', 'Chromium', 'Mozilla', 'WebKit', 'custom'].
By default analyzer uses custom (.clang-format) config file or create new one based on LLVM style in your work directory.
If you create configuration file based on one of the clang styling ('LLVM', 'Google', 'Chromium', 'Mozilla', 'WebKit') and change even one property than don't set this parameter or use 'custom'

code_static_analyzer other examples (full configuration):


      analyzers: 'cpd',
      result_dir: 'result directory',
      cpd_tokens: '150',
      cpd_language: 'objectivec',
      cpd_files_to_inspect: %w('path/to/myFiles/' 'path/to/testFiles/'),
      cpd_files_to_exclude: %w('Pods' 'ThirdParty')

CPD + ruby:

      analyzers: 'rubocop',
      result_dir: 'result directory',
      cpd_tokens: '150',
      cpd_language: 'objectivec',
      cpd_files_to_inspect: %w('path/to/myFiles/' 'path/to/testFiles/'),
      cpd_files_to_exclude: %w('Pods' 'ThirdParty'),
      ruby_files: 'fastlane/Fastfile',
      disable_junit: 'CPD' # results of rubocop analyzer - in JUnit format, CPD analyzer - not in JUnit format

CPD + Xcode project warnings:

      analyzers: 'xcodewar',
      result_dir: 'result directory',
      cpd_tokens: '150',
      cpd_language: 'objectivec',
      cpd_files_to_inspect: %w('path/to/myFiles/' 'path/to/testFiles/'),
      cpd_files_to_exclude: %w('Pods' 'ThirdParty'),
      xcode_project_name: 'path/to/TestProject',
      xcode_workspace_name: 'path/to/testWorkspace',
      xcode_targets: ['TPClientTarget','TPServerTarget'],

Clang Format

If you need to run clang_analyzer separately (for example as build step) you may call next:

# minimum configuration

# full configuration
      autocorrect: true,
      clang_dir_to_inspect: %w(Classes/UI),
      clang_dir_to_exclude: %w(Pods ThirdParty Build),
      files_extention: %w(m h),
      basic_style: 'custom'

All parameters are optional and described in previous part. Minimum configuration means that will be checked all files with extension *.m & *.h in work directory and it subdirectories by using custom (if exists) or llvm formatting rules. As result we get junit formatted file with failed tests (autocorrect = false) or skipped tests (autocorrect = true, + changed files). Each test message include:

Message parts Description
Code-fragment fragment of code (N lines) with clang format issue +- 5 lines (before /after line with clang issue)
Clang-fix clang replacement
Code-fragment-after fix the same lines of code as for Code-fragment after clang made fix.
Pay attention that this part not always show the current clang fix (due to clang fix the entire file).

Recommendations: don't use autocorrect currently before making build due to some fixes can cause warnings.
For example Objective C method declaration -(void)methodName:(type1)parameter1 :(type2)method2; after fix will cause warnings due to this declaration is not under Objective C code convention (it should be -(void)methodName:(type1)parameter1 withParamTwo:(type2)method2;)

Using CI plugins

If you want to use CI static code analysis plugins pay attention on type of file which they use. Commonly CI static code analysis plugins don't scan files in JUnit format, so you need to disable usage of results in JUnit format (especially for ruby analyzer). After that each analyzer in this plugin will generate separate report(s): CPD analyzer - cpd.xml; Ruby analyzer - ruby.log; Warning analyzer - warnings_<target name>.log

Issues and Feedback

  • In some cases CPD can't recognize patterns in file/dir paths like path/to/files/*.m (about path you may read in CPD documentation).
    For any other issues and feedback about this plugin, please submit it to this repository.


If you have trouble using plugins, check out the Plugins Troubleshooting guide.

Using fastlane Plugins

For more information about how the fastlane plugin system works, check out the Plugins documentation.

About fastlane

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