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Azure Automation Script that Tags Azure Resource Groups


Automatically tag new Resource Group with an alias an expiry date, so that clean-up and responsibility become easier.

What does it do

The Azure Automation Script does the following...

  • Find Resource Groups without the alias tag
  • Ignoring certain standard RGs by a REGEX pattern supplied
  • Search through Azure Activity Logs by using Get-AzureRmLog if there's any activities on these groups
  • Tag the Resource Group with the alias if a user was found in the logs
  • Tag the Resource Group with a deleteAfter date - 1 month in the future
  • Send out an e-mail to people about the newly tagged RGs (so people know and can correct if necessary)

Note: The script can only search 14 days back of log, to find out who the owner is. Earlier activities cannot be considered.

The script is not actually deleting anything ever. Just tagging with a deleteAfter date.


  • Make sure you have the HTML template and header graphics deployed to a public URL (e.g. Blob Storage with a Shared Access Signature)
  • Deploy the script as an Azure Automation Script through the Azure Portal
  • Set-up a scheduled job (
  • Add the required parameters in all four sections:

1. Azure Automation Runbook Inputs

Parameter Default Description
WhatIf False Goes into a dry-run mode of not actually tagging anything
To Empty Receipients of the mail, semicolon seperated and with <> brackets. e.g. "<>;<>"
DayCount 1 How many days to look back in the logs (between 1-14)

2. Azure Automation Variables

Parameter Description
RG_NamesIgnore Ignore these RG names (a regex) E.g. (Default-|AzureFunctions|Api-Default-).*
SubscriptionId The subscription ID GUID to monitor
TemplateUrl The URL of the HTML Template used for the mail
TemplateHeaderGraphicUrl The URL of the Header Graphic used for the mail (review script as this is optional)

3. Azure Automation Credentials

Name Description
Office365 Username / Password for the SMTP Server

4. Azure Automation Connection

Name Description
AzureRunAsConnection Created by default


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