Quick bash script for starting a basic java project in the command line
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Javantas is a small bash script to start a quick Java project from the command line. It takes the name of your project as a single argument and builds out the project directory structure and your first class file with a main function.


$ ./javantas.sh MyProject

If you install the script into /usr/local/bin/ (see Installation section for details), you can run the script from anywhere like so:

$ javantas MyProject

This will create a directory structure that looks like:

├── MyProject
│   ├── bin
│   ├── build.sh
│   └── src
│       └── MyProject.java

Main Class file

This script will create an initial java class file for you (named the same name as your project) which includes a main method. Assuming the above example of MyProject, the contents of MyProject.java will look like:

public class MyProject {

  public MyProject() {

  public void init() {
 public static void main (String [] args) {
    new MyProject().init();


Javantas creates a really simple build.sh file. For small projects is should suffice. Running it will compile your .java files into the bin directory and then run the main application's main function.


Either clone the repo or download the zip file from the repo at https://github.com/knomedia/javantas. You have two options.

  1. Copy the javantas.sh file around to where you want to use it (not so special).
  2. Make the script globally available on your system (extra special).

Rather than copying the file around to use, or remembering where you have saved it, consider dropping it in with your other executable files on you linux machine. For most linux based systems (including OS X) that means copying it to:


To do so cd into the directory where you have the javantas.sh file at and copy the file by running the following in bash:

mv javantas.sh /usr/local/bin/javantas

Note that the example leaves the .sh off the file name when you copy it over, this will make using it seem more natural to most.