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article-series Article Series 1.0.2 Oct 15, 2016
block-guest-access Add Block Guest Access. Feb 5, 2017
dashboard-drafts-plus Dashboard Drafts Plus 1.0 Oct 15, 2016
flashback Flashback 1.2.1 Oct 15, 2016
interactive-images Mark Interactive Images as unmaintained Oct 15, 2016
links-inline-descriptions Links (Inline Descriptions) 1.0.1 Oct 13, 2016
network-blog-promotion NetWork Blog Promotion 1.2.1 Oct 15, 2016
photoslider Rename "Better Links" to "Link Widget Improved" due to a naming confl… Aug 6, 2014
pings-archive Article Series: Cleanup. Dec 26, 2014
rationale-for-email Adding license information to each plugin separately. Sep 18, 2013
separate-page-attachments Adding license information to each plugin separately. Sep 18, 2013
simple-planet Taxonomy Promotion: Further fixes. Nov 12, 2013
simple-social-likes Simple Social Likes 1.0.1: Use https with Facebook iframe Feb 10, 2017
taxonomy-promotion Taxonomy Promotion 2.1.2 Jun 17, 2015


The repository contains the following plugins:

Article Series:  Organize your articles in article series and promote the created series with a widget.
Block Guest Access:  Restrict access to the site to users only.
Clean Head:  Remove unnecessary information from <head>.
Compact & Chronological:  Show month archive links in a compact view.
Dashboard Drafts:  Adds a Dashboard widget showing all drafts for all post types.
Flashback:  Promote articles from the past.
Interactive Images:  Create interactive images by adding notes on top of images.
Links Widget Improved:  Add a widget to show easy-clickable links with inline descriptions.
More Body Classes:  Add more meaningful classes to body.
Multisite Promotion:  Add widgets to link to other (multi)sites for promotion.
Photoslider:  Show a slideshow of user uploaded photos.
Pings Arhive:  Display your ping archive with a shortcode.
Rationale for Email:  Adds custom email headers for comment-related emails.
Separate Page Attachments:  Use a separate directory for page attachments.
Simple Social Likes:  Shows Like/+1 buttons for Facebook/Google+.
Simple Planet:  Show posts from multiple feeds sorted by date via a widget.
Taxonomy Promotion:  Shows titles or excerpts in the selected taxonomy and term.