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WordPress plugins by Pasi Lallinaho

These plugins are mostly considered in an unmaintained state since most of them do not support Gutenberg. Use at your own risk.

This repository contains WordPress plugins by Pasi Lallinaho.

The plugins are mostly written to satisfy a need in a personal or an open source website and are released under GPL v2 or later.

Want to help?

If you find the plugins useful, you want to translate a plugin or several or you find a bug, feel free to be in touch.

Pull requests are also welcome, but unless the changes are trivial, please explain what changes your are proposing and why.

The repository contains the following plugins

Plugin Description
Article series Organize your articles in article series and promote the created series with a widget.
Body Classes for Network Add network-related classes.
Clean Head Remove unnecessary information from .
Compact & Chronological Show your monthly archive links in a compact view.
Dashboard Drafts Plus Adds a Dashboard widget showing all drafts for all post types.
Flashback A widget to promote articles from the past.
Links with Descriptions A links widget with inline descriptions.
Network Blog Promotion A widget to promote other blogs on a network installation.
Photoslider Show a slideshow of user uploaded photos.
Separate Page Attachments Use a separate directory for page attachments.
Simple Planet Widget that shows aggregated posts from one or more feeds sorted by date.
Taxonomy Promotion Widget that shows posts from the selected taxonomy and term.
Years Since... (with formatting) A shortcode to retrieve the number of years since a specified date with formatting.
X-WordPress-Rationale Adds custom email header X-WordPress-Rationale for WordPress emails.